Project title: Mobile molecular diagnostics lab to shorten turnaround time and scale up COVID-19 testing

Ref No – HL1009


This technology enables mobility of the molecular diagnostics lab which shortens the turnaround time and allows rapid testing of COVID-19 in a large numbers


Mobile testing equipment kit with Biosafety cabinet


1). Mobile lab (Equipped with Class-II Biosafety Cabinet) to collect and process samples till ReverseTranscription phase (cDNA synthesis) which can then be transferred to the nearest approved facility to perform PCR tests for COVID-19 with a capacity to process 100 samples per day per unit. This would enable community testing and reducing the load on existing lab infrastructure.

2). Mobile testing lab to perform PCR tests for COVID-19 (with portable thermal cycler of 16 well capacity and portable fluorescence-reader) with a capacity to perform 800 tests per day per unit. This would augment existing lab infrastructure as well as enable testing to be taken to more locations including remote areas for surveillance and monitoring purposes.

Potential Application:  
  • Testing of COVID-19
Benefit / Advantage of Technology: 
  • Enables mobility of testing labs.
  • Scales up the rate of testing
Technology Developer & Country 

CSIR, India 

Industry Category  

Health care sector 

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