Project title: Smartphone app-based Affordable portable ventilator with nano filters.

Ref No – HL1007


The technology is a cheap and portable ventilator based on a smartphone app with all necessary feature which is easy to maintain as well as operate.


smartphone app-based ventilator


1. Totally Controlled by Smartphone App.

2. Highly safe through custom-built nano filters, which remove seven COVID19 viruses either entering the patient.

3. Many modes of operation as in sophisticated ventilators.; 4. Affordable Humidifier built-in, and controlled by the same smartphone app.

5. Nano-Filters, tubing set, Humidifier can be made available as separate products to be connected to other ventilator systems.

6. Monitor, Track and Control important parameters, like Pressure, Volume, Humidity, Oxygen Mix, Temperature of air entering patient through simple graphical interface.

7. Can Set Triggers for above important parameters, and when triggered, sets of alarm in the ventilator and in the smartphone app.

8. Portable and Operated through Rechargeable Battery suitable for low resource setting.

Potential Application:  
  • Diagnosis of COVID-19 
Benefit / Advantage of Technology: 
  • Cheap 
  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • Portable
Technology Developer & Country 

CSIR, India 

Industry Category  

Health care sector 


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