India-Canada Collaborative Industrial Research & Development Programme 2020

Canada and India signed a bilateral “Agreement for Scientific and Technological Cooperation” during November 18, 2005. The purpose of the Agreement is to encourage, develop and facilitate cooperative activities between the two countries in Science and Technology (S&T) for peaceful purposes in fields of common interest and on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.


Within the context of the Canada-India S&T Agreement, the two governments have created funding mechanisms through which companies (In India, R&D Organisations /Academia are eligible to join the project as Partner & get funding support and however In Canada, R&D Organisations/Academia can receive sub-contracting assignment from Canadian SME) may seek support for joint Canada-India research and development (R&D) projects and other activities intended to generate new or expanded research and technology-based partnerships between the two countries.


This Canada-India program aims to foster and support the development of collaborative R&D projects that bring together companies, research organizations, academics and other collaborators from both countries for the joint development of innovative products or processes. It aims to stimulate innovative R&D projects (In India, any size company are eligible however In Canada only SME are eligible for funding support) that address a specific market need or challenge; demonstrate high industrial relevance and commercial potential; and aim to deliver benefit to all participants, and more broadly, to both nations. These projects help participants to become more competitive by developing global research-based alliances with the potential to foster increased or expanded international R&D collaboration. Applicants are required to review the complete application guidelines before developing and submitting an application and associated documents.


These information and guidelines are specific to the Canada-India Collaborative Industrial Research and Development projects submitted under the current Request for Proposal. Global Innovation & Technology Alliance (GITA), on behalf of Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt of India and National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) invite Indian and Canadian participants to submit proposals for collaborative industrial research and development projects. 

Eligible Technology Sector

Current RFP invites collaborative Applications in following areas:

  • Smart infrastructure (Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, geo-information systems, Smart Mobility, Smart Grids)
  • Clean Tech (water treatment and management, waste-to-energy, electric vehicles, energy storage)
  • Food & Agri-Tech (crop development, food processing, soil irrigation and monitoring, precision agriculture, supply chain optimization)
  • Healthcare (Medical Devices, Health Informatics, digital health)

Eligible Indian Applicants

An Indian company having requisite understanding and capability to undertake R&D activities.

  • The Indian Project Lead (IPL) (i.e. lead company) must be a commercial (for profit) company under the Indian Companies Act 1956/2013, which operates in and is headquartered in India.
  • At least 51% stake of the IPL Company must be owned by Indian citizens.
  • The INPL should have the required expertise and team capacity to manage the proposed project.
  • Sole proprietors and partnership firms are not eligible for support under this programme
  • Companies headquartered and owned outside India and their subsidiaries in India, or vice versa, are not eligible to receive funding from DST/ GITA under this programme.
  • INPL should lead the project from Indian side and if required bring in other Industry Partners or Academic/R&D Institutions as Consortium Partner.

Eligible Canadian Applicants

  • The Canadian Project Lead (CPL) applicants must be a Canadian incorporated, profit-oriented small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), with 500 or fewer full-time equivalent employees;
  • Be ready to collaborate with Indian partners on an industrial R&D project; and
  • Be pursuing growth and profit generation through the development and commercialization of innovative, technology-driven, new or improved products, services, or processes.

Last date for submission: 15 Jul 2020

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