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Steinbeis GmbH and Steinbeis India

Germany and India
Steinbeis India has its services involved in Technical Consulting, Technology Development, Transfer and Trainings. Headquartered in Germany, Steinbeis has a network of more than 1100 ‘Transfer Centres’(or Innovation Centres) around the world. In partnership with Steinbeis Germany, Steinbeis Centre for Technology Transfer India is the main representative of the Steinbeis Network in India. Steinbeis India is involved in establishing an Indian Steinbeis Network, comprising of Innovation Centres to create a sustainable Innovation support system for Indian Industry, specially SME’s. These Innovation Centres help businesses, large and small, develop / acquire the latest technology in fields ofRenewable Energy, Electronics, Automotive and Manufacturing to make their businesses more efficient. Right from the Inception of Steinbeis Germany in 1971 and Steinbeis India in 2009, Steinbeis India has been integrating academia and industry in various technology areas. With support of German expertise, Steinbeis India supports in capacity-building of Academia for setting-up Innovation Centres to develop low cost innovations as per industry demand. At the same time, the industry is supported in identifying and co-developing low cost innovations with the support of these Innovation Centres. This mechanism is a self-sustaining model for companies to adapt themselves to the changing times.

Experienced Israeli Consultant

Business Development and Global Trade, Israel
More than 18 years of management, Business Development & Operation experience at the Israeli industry and abroad. Extensive track record in managing P&L units, project management and chain wide operational roles. Highly experienced in leading efficiency improvement processes and enhancing business results, Innovation, and investments at unique channels.

Unconventional Connections Ltd

United Kingdom
Facilitating innovation-related policy and partnership-building projects. Our expertise across innovation, policy development, international project management and extensive network of contacts will help ensure your project's success

Studio Legale Lattanzio

Deals with the design and development of strategies for entry or company expansion in foreign markets. Development of marketing and promotional strategies, in line with global strategies, Training in the foreign scenario, the intercultural environment and acting as a true facilitator. Help you build and strengthen your network to take advantage of huge market opportunities, organization of promotional seminars, conferences, multicultural meetings, sales and marketing strategy meetings. Decoding government policy and development plan for your organization, Collaboration for technological development / transfer with universities and industry, Joint Ventures / Merger & Acquisition. Test approvals, validation and regulations as appropriate. Expediting Registration and legal and legal support. Definition of the long-term strategy. Look for business partners to grow and develop the business project. Evaluation of impact studies in the markets to be accessed, strategic planning for internationalization, the process of entering the market and the growth of the business
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