Project title: Power Backup for Ventilators in off-grid and weak-grid areas.

Ref No – HL1008


Electricity backup is a very important aspect in Health care sectors as electricity is needed round the clock for critical life support equipment as the pandemic grows such energy backup systems will become more important to ensure a continuous supply of electricity.


Solar energy-based electricity backup system.


Standalone solar power backup systems for Ventilators & Isolation homes. Reliable power backup for ventilators & isolation homes in B & C towns, where power availability is not reliable or even at the remote locations where power availability is not there. This will save substantially the need for Diesel Generators for powering such systems in the rural areas.

Potential Application:  
  • Health care 
  • Power backup
Benefit / Advantage of Technology: 
  • Cheap 
  • Reliable
  • Non-polluting
Technology Developer & Country 

CSIR, India 

Industry Category  

Electricity generation


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