MECS Programme is a UK Aid(FCDO) funded global research programme, led by Loughborough University, UK. By integrating modern energy cooking services into the planning for electricity access, quality, reliability, and sustainability, MECS hopes to leverage investment in renewable energies (both grid and off-grid) to address the clean cooking challenge. In India, the programme is led by the In-Country partner Finovista.

In seeking to spark a new approach to clean cooking, the programme researches the socio-economic realities of a transition from polluting fuels to a range of modern fuels and is open to other research and approaches that include other fuels such as ethanol, bioLPG, or hydrogen. Whilst the research covers several clean fuels, the evidence is pointing to the viability of electric cooking, through energy-efficient devices.

Talk series is an important tool of the MECS programme in India which establishes a platform for promoting modern energy and clean cooking services by bringing together stakeholders from modern energy cooking and allied sectors and discussing the most pertinent issues critical to transitioning to the clean cooking sector. A global virtual platform that engages the stakeholders to initiate discussions on aspects that are critical to enabling the Shift to Modern Energy-based solutions for clean cooking. Held once in every month, and attendance is only through registrations. The platform has an active community of 1400 participants and over 70 speakers.