Engaging Women in Modern energy based Clean Cooking Sector

“Women in Modern Energy Cooking” (WMEC) was launched by Modern energy cooking services programme (MECS) through it’s India In- country partner the Finovista, with an aim of enabling a Women driven approach for gender equity In clean cooking sector in India. The Launch of WMEC was done in the recently concluded Modern Energy Cooking Forum 2023.

This initiative would build and strengthen a community of driven individuals representing corporate organisations, NGOs & local communities, leaders from renewable energy and clean cooking sector, institutions, academia etc. The activities would be managed through a steering group and would focus on creation of a digital platform/s, capacity building, entrepreneurship, market access interventions, creating knowledge resource creation and sharing, connect with Industry and innovators and enabling access to finance.

          Women and girls across the world bear a disproportionate burden of managing cooking and other household chores. The impact of cooking with traditional fuels and stoves, is direct on their health and wellbeing, the cost and time spent and indirect on climate and environment, growth and wellbeing of their children and families and a major barrier for their own economic empowerment. Switching to Modern fuels for cooking would not only address the above issues but would also ensure gender equality. However, this switch when coupled with engaging of women in enabling this switch can be a GAMECHANGER. It would ensure that women have an equal voice in the decision making regarding the adoption of modern clean cooking solutions and technologies, they are more aware about the opportunities and can be a part of those opportunities, unlocking traditional knowledge about cooking and energy use, and have a mutual support and encouragement.

WMEC recognises the impact of engaging women and bring them at the heart of enabling the transition to Modern energy based clean cooking. MECS programme through it’s India country partner is looking to collaborate with individuals and organisations to take this initiative forward. Please click the following link, and our team would come back for a detailed discussion and possible engagement.

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